The Game of Sex Chapter 1: Seeking Pleasure English Edition

The story begins, in a big, but nicely decorated bedroom.
The beautiful lady in sport tights, Jane, sits on her comfy sofa
As she watches a average-sized man entering the room...
It's Michael, the famous guy rumored to bring every girl he met the best experience they have ever had.
She smiles, warming herself up with her fingers before she stands up, easily dwarfing the 6' tall man with her giant body...
Jane imagines the pleasure she can have from him,
the one's she has never managed to have with any other man she met with...
Only to be disappointed, once again, by the exact same reason: he is still too small for her.

Lying on the bed, frustrated, she decides to try the last possible way
Social Media...
The only way left to expose herself, spread her frustration,
And ask some brave men to come forward.
She does not know, however, that in a palace not far away,
A game is held between a special lesbian couple,
And she is walking right into it...

It contains 216 Images
Including Futa, Mini-giantess, Multi-size Giantess, Growth, Nudity, Sex, and More...

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