Donating Height to Goddess Chapter 1: The Beginning English Edition

The Story Begins, when Tom lost his job...
Lying in his apartment, there is nothing he can do to watch his savings run out.
But one day, everything changed.
He decided to take the risk, and joined a medical experiment that would give him a massive payout.
And that, is the beginning of the adventure of his life...

Walking into a massive, very nicely decorated room,
He noticed four participants already waiting on the lounge, unexpectedly quiet,
And he is definitely not good at breaking ice with the others.

Standing still preparing his entrance speech, he completely did not notice,
That someone else has entered the apartment...
And she is, definitely, different than others...

Contains 197 Images,
Including Mini-giantess, Giantess, Height Comparison, Growth, Breast Expansion, Butt Expansion and more!

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