The Size Theft Chapter 4: Dark Secrets English Edition

"Everyone has their dark secrets, the best way to do is to get rid of them, once and for all"

It didn't take long before the interview ended,
With Alia's order, Elie gave away enough information,
to keep the detective busy, but not enough to give them a major breakthrough.
With Detective Gordon thanking her for her bravery
Elie stands against the wall, distant away from them,
Locking her eyes on her like she is the enemy.
Is it just one of the sparks between these two?
Or is there something more behind the appearances...

Remy arrives his fancy apartment, just to find Alia sitting on his couch, completely naked.
Stranger? No. Their story dated long back... back when Alia was still young, and short
They were lovers, Alia gave him everything she can,
But their relationship ended when, a girl, Angie much, much taller than her entered his life,
And took him away from her...
Now being a goddess, Alia is ready to show him,
That just how big, and how powerful she is,
Compare to the girl he dumped her for

Contains 204 Images
Including Growth, Shrink, Mini-giantess, Small Man, Small Woman, Nudity, Vore, Power and more...

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