The Goddess Chapter 7: Unexpected Enemies English Edition

The story continues...

Running for his life, he simply can not believe what is happening,
Drug cartel? Assassination? Government conspiracy?
These, are nothing compare to what he is running away from:
A pair of boots more than 3 times as large as his body,
with their owner standing way above 50 feet.

Hiding inside the small temple in the park,
he's hoping that the concrete structure could buy him some precious time.
The exit is not far, so are the approaching giant boots...

Meanwhile in a nightclub,
with music blasting on the speakers, everyone is enjoying their night off work,
except for one.
To Goddess Kate, her work has just begun.

Changing her height back to an average female,
she leads the tough brothers, Tomas and Gary into the empty male toilet.
She just wanted to have some fun, have some fun as a normal girl her age in bar.
But everything is changed, when they starts mocking her size, and the ability to take on them both.

It's time, for some growth...

Contains 225 Images,
Including Giantess, Minigiantess, growth, car crush, nudity, butt, breast expansion, and so much more

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