Goddess Short Story: The Special Invitation English Edition

Stepping into a special bar with rather unconventional name, "The Dream Of Amazons"
Kevin and Aaron, good friends with each other,
Were invited for a night they will never forget.
And they are not bluffing.

It didn't take more than a second for them to realize,
that all the dancers, bartenders and waitresses, are female,
And they share a lot in common, beautiful, sexy, and more importantly, large.
The smallest girl they can see is so tall, that the 6'5 Aaron only manages to stand as tall as her chest.

Walking deeper into the bar, their minds are completely blown away,
The ladies just keep getting larger, and larger.
Submerging themselves into their finest fantasy,
They have no idea...
That their invitation, is indeed special.

They are the chosen ones, that have a chance to meet, and please, the very goddess in the world,
Goddess Celina.

It contains 201 images
Including Mini-giantess, giantess, multi-size giantess, growth, crush, nude, breast, butt, finger crush, insertion, and more...

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