Jessica Chapter 2: The Devil's Return English Edition

Midnight, with nothing but silence on the street.
It's about time for Jessica to remain stealthy, and continues her surveillance work.
Sitting on top of a bus, with her massive 12 foot body,
She doesn't seems to care hiding her abilities.

It's extremely rare that there are still people, conscious ones, walking on the street this late,
but today seems to be a lottery day as a lone man witnesses her jumping off the bus like it's a chair for her.
Rumors spreads fast, and are not good for business,
She knows she has to contain this small incident before it gets worse...
What will she do to this man?

Back in the penthouse apartment,
She sits patiently on the sofa with her heels off, waiting for him to finish his phone call.
Feeling a bit more powerful after absorbing some of his size,
She looks at the man on the phone and let out a smile of desire,
"Size... Power... Domination..."

Thinking that it will be his regular day of "relaxation" with the service company he paid for...
He has no idea who she is, and what is she capable of...
The Devil has returned...

Contains 201 Images
Including Giantess, Mini Giantess, Tiny man, Tiny Female, Shrink, Growth, Butt, Breast, Vore, Crush, Nudity and more...

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