The Arena Chapter 6: The Ultimate Domination English Edition

Throwing his body onto his opponent - Veronika with her reduced-to-average body size.
This participant is hoping, that he could somehow,
Get some advantages as his opponent is a female.
But very soon, he realizes,
as Veronika, with a smile on her face,
slowly lift him up without any effort,
that he is, very, very wrong...

On the other side of the Arena,
similar thing happened, as one participant is thrown into the air,
screaming as most of his bones are broken,
by a single kick from Lucian.
Landing on the floor, desperate and helpless,
His fate, is sealed.

Looking at her first victim lying on the ground,
Lucian is dreaming about how she will look down,
and dominate after growing, and growing.
But soon a huge shake brings her back,
To the very reality.
Staring at the foot as huge as her victim,
Crushing, Squashing the man she took awhile to kill,
by Vivian, who is nearly dozen time bigger, and stronger than anyone else,
She realizes,
This is not a final fight of survival,
but a ultimate, domination.

It contains 357 Images
Mainly Mini-giantess, giantess, growth, foot crush, butt crush, multi-size, vore, finger crush, masturbation, and more...

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