The Arena Chapter 5: Battle of The Two Giantesses English Edition

Getting pushed into the Arena,
Because the guard claims that they need more fighters,
This young man thinks that,
It's his time to shine,
It's his time to show they world what he is capable of...

Rising up his hand to salute all the viewers,
His expression suddenly changes,
From Victorious, Ambitious, and confident,
To Shock, and fear,
As he looking into the Arena...

There is blood on the floor,
with crushed Human body on one side,
And there is two unbelievably gigantic bodies,
Strangling on the other side...

Finally realizing it is nothing but a trap to feed him into an impossible battle,
He turns around and wanting to run,
But the door...
Has already closed...

It contains 203 Images
Mainly Giantess, growth, Boob crush, Foot crush, Domination, Smother, Nudity and More!

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