The Arena Chapter 4: The One In Control English Edition

The story continues...

On the side of the Arena, Veronika,
Lifting her foot which is even bigger than the size
of a normal human, slowing moving onto one of the
contestant --- Jessi, who just saved Vivian from getting
dominated by this unstoppable force.

But veronika didn't notice,
that behind her,
another giantess... is rising.

Running towards the gigantic body,
Vivian, grew from killing two of her teammates,
is determined,
to let her pay...

looking into Goddess Perelia's boobs,
Lucia is surprised.

Knowing there is no place to run,
She is still trying to find a way,
to turn the entire thing around.

But she doesn't realize,
is always,
in control.

It contains 216 Images
Mainly Giantess, mini-giantess, growth, nudity, foot, butt, footcrush, insertion, and butt crush

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