The Size Theft Chapter 2: Target In The Pub English Edition

Time passes the midnight,
in the one of the largest pubs in the city, there is nothing but silence...
But It didn't last long.
As the opening of the door, two, walks in.
It is Christian Winterous, one of the richest people in this city.
Today he is looking, for some fun.
And the bar owner, have someone special... awaiting right at the corner...


Having only one bullet on his head,
something, doesn't make sense...
As Detective Gordon trying to figure out what is wrong,
Lotus, accidentally gives him one, very crucial hint...
To let him digs deeper... into the biggest secret in the world.

It contains 192 Images
Mainly Giantess, mini giantess, shrink, shrunken man, nudity, insertion, butt, and hand crush.

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