The Special Mission English Edition

Federal prison, classified wing,
It holds its lone prisoner: the world's most lethal killer --- Celina
A girl who is twice the height of a normal human,
And are capable of killing ten guards at a time.

-- It all starts, in prison, with one precise intrusion --

Two rogue agent -- Michael and Hollie, from the same organization as Celina,
Managed to face to face, and ask for her assistance,
To take their former organization down.

With the help of Celina, this speciall mission,
Seems to be so much easier than planned,
And they have no idea,
They, are monitoring them.

It Contains 353 Images
Mainly Mini-giantess, Giantess, Growth, legs, butt, feet, body contact, power shift, tease and Nudity.

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USD 12.99

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