The Arena Chapter 3: Deep Secrets English Edition

As the gate opens,
the final challengers, walks into this, massive Arena,
Facing their biggest enemy --- Veronika,
who is ten times bigger than a normal human being.
Some of them are scared, or frightened.
But some of them not...
They had a plan... to take down this massive giantess.
Walking into a small town,
Lucia, the one who invented the pill which can give them ability to grow by kills,
is now as big as a building...
While she enjoys stepping on a random people on the road,
What she doesn't know...
Someone, is following her,
And she is even, bigger...
Lucia is about to find out...
The deep Secrets, among this amazing invention...

201 Stunning images produced by FaTerGD
Contains Crush, growth, giantess, mini-giantess, legs, handheld, vore and nudity

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USD 7.99

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