The Size Theft Chapter 1: Investigation English Edition

Back home, tired,
Tomason, strong and wealthy,
still can't cope with the pressure from the society,
His girlfriend, Elie, a 2 meter (6'7") tall girl, is trying to
make him happy.
However, they didn't notice, someone else is coming,
into their luxury house...

It all begins with a special investigation...
One of the richest men in this city,
has gone missing...
They send the best detective in this city --- Sebastian Gorden.
Using his talent, and intellegence,
He is going to discover,
the biggest secret in the world...

It contains 195 Images
Mainly Mini-giantess, shrink, shrink man, shrink woman, crush, foot, sex, tease, size comparison, and storyline.

Hope you enjoy!

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