The Goddess Chapter 1-6 English Edition Bundle

The Goddess Chapter 1-6 English Edition Bundle
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The Goddess Chapter 1: Betrayed English Edition

A average height girl, Kate, receiving a text message from her boyfriend Steven
coming to an apartment bought
by her boyfriend a year ago.
Peaking inside from the unlocked door,
she thinks her boyfriend is making a joke,
as usual.
Yet it's not.
A giant truth is just lying in front of her...

Having total of 150 images.
Containing Mini-giantess, height comparison, growth, butt, breast growth, tease.

The Goddess Chapter 2: Becoming a Goddess English Edition

Getting humiliated by two giant girl,
and watching her boyfriend cheating in front of her own eyes.
Kate is devastated.
Life becomes meaningless,
she lost everything, even the one she loved.
First thing come up her head, is alcohol.
So she goes to a bar nearby,
where everything starts to change.

Containing 180 images,
mini-giantess, giantess, epic growth, foot, sex, and continue the story line.

The Goddess Chapter 3: First Move English Edition

Sitting on the bed in a luxury hotel,
James --- the club owner, can't believe such a beautiful woman --- Kate
is now standing in front of him.
His dream --- having a tall beautiful girlfriend, is coming true...

After gaining the incredible power,
Kate --- now a goddess, begins her
First move...

This chapter contains 193 images
Mainly Growth, Sex, Breast Expansion, and mini-giantess.

The Goddess Chapter 4: First Worshipper English Edition

As Kate --- the goddess, made her first move,
she collected energy, and grew...
It's time for her next target but,
there is no cloth fitted for her.
So she pays a little visit...
To the biggest Tall Girl cloth shop in this city.
Dealing with her customer as usual,
Carlene ---- the owner of the shop, famous for being
one of the tallest girl in town,
Proud, and confident...
She didn't realize
The goddess ---- is coming.

It contains 213 Images + 15 images from "Previously on The Goddess"
Mainly Giantess, minigiantess, Breast Expansion, Growth sequence, Comparison, nudity and sex.

The Goddess Chapter 5: Seduction English Edition

Entering the club's bathroom
With the biggest smile in his life...
One of the club's regular customer,
Is going to have his dream come true...

As giantess Carlene, nearly twice as big as him...
pushes herself through the door...
She is going to give him, yet another surprise...

Waking up in a mysterious bedroom, naked,
He has no idea what is going on...
A voice interrupted his mind,
as our goddess --- kate,
is staring...
right at her brand new play toy...

Contains 199 Images
Mainly Mini-Giantess, Growth, Size Change, Size Comparison, nudity, butt, foot, and boobs.


Standing in the Goddess Kate's Room,
With his mind still replaying the growth...
That the Goddess just showed...
Right in front of him...

Looking at Goddess Kate's over 8 feet tall body,
He realizes...
There is nothing he can do...
But to listen,
Whatever she asks...

The Goddess Chapter 6: Domination English Edition

Looking at herself in the glass,
Kate never feels less amazed at her own ability...
And herself being a goddess,
Controlling anyone else at her will...

Spotting him still standing right in front of the bed,
The feeling just comes back to her...
She wants more...

Time for her Domination

Contains 195 Stunning Images
Mainly Mini Giantess, Growth, Giantess, Boobs Expansion, Smother, Tongue, Mouth, Butt Crush and Nudity

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