Level 13 Chapter 1:A Brand New Life Collector's Edition

James, after breaking up with his girlfriend, life becomes so meaningless.
Seeking more challenges, he joined the World Top 1 company.He uses his intellegence to prove that he is special, but he is just more than just a successful businessman.
The story started at when he received an email from the company's CEO, Diana,telling him to meet her at level 13 midnight, rumors goes all around the company that anyone who entered this level, had never came back.
Of course James does not believe it , he treats it as a formal promotional chat with his boss, but he is no idea he's about to enter a BRAND NEW LIFE.
It contains 148 images with content and 148 images without content so that you can add anything you want, by your imagination.
296 images in total.
It contains mainly mini-giantess and growth

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USD 8.00

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